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Through the years the Catholic Church has maintained a strong unified stance on the abortion debate. Their members are mostly Pro-Life and the priests often speak on the issue openly from the pulpit.

The Protestant churches, on the other hand, do not seem to be unified on the issue and rarely address it. Many of these pastors do not to speak on the issue for two reasons:

  1. They do not realize that the preborn are scientifically and biblically just as much human as everyone else
  2. They fear offending women in the congregation who might have had abortions in the past.


Statistics show that one out of every three women have had an abortion. The odds of women in the congregations having had abortions is quite high.

If pastors knew how to compassionately address the issue of abortion in a way that is comforting to the post-abortive and yet relays what scripture says of it, they could educate their congregations on the issue of abortion and take action to help women and children.

The mission of Ministers For Life

  • To help ministers become better educated on the issue of abortion from a scriptural and scientific perspective in order to know how to talk about abortion with their church.
  • To help ministers figure out how they and their church can help save lives and help pregnant women.

Ministers For Life seeks to educate and then encourage ministers to take action. William Wilberforce, the famous evangelical British politician who worked tirelessly for decades to abolish the slave trade in England once said, “You may choose to look the other way but you can never again say that you did not know.”


This comprehensive resource guide is everything a minister needs to know about how to talk about the issue of abortion in a loving and compassionate manner.


For more information please visit the Ministers For Life website

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