In an unfortunate turn of events on tonight, the United States Senate voted against making infanticide illegal. Yes, you read that right. They voted against making infanticide illegal!

In a 53-44 vote, the Senate failed to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. This bill, first introduced by Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, would have simply required doctors to provide medical care to infants born alive after an attempted abortion procedure.

Babies, who are already born, crying, breathing, and in need of comfort and medical care. Those who voted against this bill have made it clear that they are okay with leaving those babies to die on a table, throwing them out in the dumpster, or using surgical scissors to cut their necks to kill them.

You might think, “oh, this is just another attempt of politicians trying to get in between a woman and her doctor and push an anti-abortion bill…”. You would be wrong. Dead wrong. This bill has nothing to do with a woman, nothing to do with her right to choose abortion, nothing to do with her “reproductive health”. This is about making it ILLEGAL to kill a living, breathing, crying newborn child. And all but three Democrat senators have no problem with those newborn children being killed.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “It isn’t about new restrictions on abortion. It isn’t about changing the options available to women. It’s just about recognizing that a newborn baby is a newborn baby. Period,”

Senators Doug Jones of Alabama, Bob Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania, and Joe Manchin of West Virginia voted in favor of the bill. I have a lot of admiration for them. Although the rest of their party is okay with infanticide, they stood against the current. They should be commended for that.

The scariest part of this vote (as if allowing infanticide to be legal isn’t scary enough) is that ALL SIX of the Democrat senators running for the 2020 Presidential Election voted against the bill:

  • Cory Booker (D- N.J.)
  • Sherrod Brown (D- Ohio)
  • Kirsten Gillibrand (D- N.Y.)
  • Kamala Harris (D- Calif.)
  • Amy Klobuchar (D- Minn.)
  • Elizabeth Warren (D- Mass.),
  • + Bernie Sanders (Independent – Vermont)

Seven politicians who want to run this country have no problem with killing newborn babies. Mark my words, this will come back to haunt them in the election. You can bet your bottom dollar that this will come up in the debates. Them supporting abortion is one thing, but killing a breathing, crying, newborn child is a whole other problem. It is taking it to a whole new level of evil. (For a full list of all Senators who voted against the bill click here).

Both NARAL and Planned Parenthood, who line the pockets of these politicians, have also come out in favor of killing newborns, claiming that the fate of these already born children is a matter of “women’s health”. Newsflash: They are NOT inside the woman anymore! They aren’t even connected to her anymore! This is an incredibly slippery slope. What’s to stop them from saying it is okay to kill a one-year-old, a two-year-old, a three-year-old? Where do you draw the line? It used to be at birth. But now that is out of the question. Where does the killing stop?

Regardless of whether you care for President Trump or not, make no mistake, voting for any of these seven means you are just as guilty as they are for supporting killing innocent, breathing, crying, newborn babies. The blood isn’t just on their hands, it is on your hands as well. Can you live with the fact that you publicly endorsed infanticide? I know I couldn’t.

Like their fellow party members of old who supported slavery and Jim Crow, all the senators who voted against this bill just sealed their fate in the pages of history.